Monday to Friday

During the week at lunch we present proposals, simple, honest but tasty, in order to make your meals outside the home a pleasant time.
Saturdays and Sundays

Saturdays and Sundays, traditional proposals for fulfilling the Beira tradition of genuine and well palatable food. On Saturdays you can find some well-intentioned provocations and on Sundays as well, Sunday is the day we get dressed to go to the Mass :) and we present our specialties, surely you've already heard of our Piglet Belly, or you haven't tried it yet?
Cannot find anything you like?

Do not like our daily suggestions? Prefer to be served at the table? Then we have for you three suggestions always available, just talk to one of the people who attend you and we will be happy to help you have a meal to your liking.
Other Suggestions

Every Day
From 11:30 to 22:30

271 381 070

Rua da Estrada, nº74
6320-121 Casteleiro

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