The table is the perfect place to gather family and friends we like. A share of a moment of joy, a celebration or a simple meal among good friends should be special. For this we present some suggestions for tasty and different dishes to make the act of being at the table a real pleasure.

A successful event is one where something makes us feel positive, and it is with this in mind that we work every day to provide our visitors unique and memorable moments.

We hope that our proposals will sharpen the appetite, but we love preparing menus with the ingredients you like, from simple to more elaborate, if you have an idea, talk with us, same if you don't :) , we can help.

Bem Haja (Beira region expression for 'Big Thank You', meaning 'Do Well')
The Esquila Team
Thinking of couples who will start a fantastic walk in life, we have prepared a few suggestions with tasty and different dishes, to make the day of Your Wedding, truly perfect.

We want to be your right and left arms to create a moment of conviviality that is unique and memorable among people who have the pleasure and the privilege of being your guests.

You are the reason for our existence, the success of your party is our success as well.

Whenever a couple wants...
Baptisms and Parties
We specialize in all kinds of parties, tailor the menus for the occasion, from small groups to wild parties, Baptisms, Golden Anniversaries, Birthdays, what you need we do.

All days....
Special Occasions
Christmas, New Year, Easter, Mother's Day, New Year's Day, in the end we like to celebrate certain special times for us all. Ask us what we prepared for those dates, there will be no regrets.

On special occasions....


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